Open Days 2021

The Helmsdale River Board welcomes visiting anglers to its Open Days in 2021.

Soundings have been taken by the Board with community bodies and all are in agreement that it would be a great shame not to continue with this outdoor activity, where participants are in the nature of fishing spaced well apart. Also it is a time when many will be keen to be out-and-about again and enjoying the beauty and wild scenery in the Strath of Kildonan. The chance of an early salmon is one not easily passed by. Fishing will be open to all visitors without charge from Monday January 11th to Saturday January 23rd.

The usual rules will apply. Angling will be fly only and, in accordance with government regulations, all fish must be returned. The Board asks that anglers handle kelts with due respect, play them as fast as is reasonable, and return them to the water quickly.

Anglers may fish anywhere of their choice on the river. The beat system is suspended for the Open Days and all pools are available. Please try and avoid hooking kelts in the wider tails of the pools if possible.

Owing to the risk posed by groups of people gathered together the tradition of the opening ceremony and the pipe band marching the High St has been abandoned for 2021. The Board trusts that visitors will understand why. The Board and local community bodies are as keen as all to minimise the risk of spreading virus infection. The performance of the Sutherland Schools Pipe Band and the Opening Cast by a local angler will be missed by everyone. We look forward to resuming the traditional format the following year.

Every angler must check in at Glencoast in the High St. This year Yvonne Grant will take checking in electronically in advance to minimise unnecessary crowding in the shop. Full details will be requested, including both address and telephone number in order to comply with track-and-trace. Anglers should contact: The telephone number of the shop is 01431 821372.

It is assumed by the Board that whatever travel regulations are in place at the time will be adhered to.

The Board hopes that all who come will enjoy fishing this wonderful river and being in Sutherland at the dawn of a fresh season.

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