River Helmsdale Open Days 2024

Continuing recent tradition the Helmsdale district salmon fishery board is opening the river to all anglers without charge from the first day of the 2024 season Thursday 11th January until Saturday 20th January.
Anglers are required only to sign in, providing names and addresses, at Glencoast, the tackle and retail shop in the High St.
The beat system is suspended during the Open Days. The whole river up to the Falls at Kildonan is available for fishing in any pools of the anglers choosing.
Fishing is by fly only and all fish must be returned to the river unharmed. Any kelts hooked and caught, which potentially form the next generation of Helmsdale salmon, should be returned as fast as possible and with care.
The opening ceremony complete with piping will start in the High St at 10am. Anglers are asked not to starting fishing until the ceremony is over

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